Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Thanks: Day Fifteen: My iPods

Say what you will about the cult of Apple products, but I am personally thankful for the freedom and portability of music that I have enjoyed with my iPods.  My family does a lot of iPod swapping, the older iPod with less space going from the recipient of a new iPod to a family member without one or with one even older and less spacious.

Thus my first iPod was a 2GB white iPod that barely fit a quarter of my musicals on it but which I loved for years.  It now is still working and handles my grandmother's music quite well, with room to spare.  Which is one of the things about the iPod that sticks out in the world of electronics- in general, they work.  And work well, and easily, for many years.  There are not many other electronics that can boast the same.

 My second iPod is a red iPod nano with 4GB of space- so much more compared to my first iPod, but once I discovered music that I like beyond musicals and what my parents liked, I still needed more room.  (That one is now letting my dad listen to audio books on the way to work- my scheme to get him to read the Ender's Game series finally worked! mwa ha ha ha ha)

Which brings me to my current iPod- a purple 5th generation iPod nano with 16GB! like the one pictured above to the far right.  It has accompanied me across the country, twice, and on countless trips to and from work, home, and rehearsals.  It holds an audiobook, the best of my musicals, my rehearsal music and most of my other music perfectly. Maybe in another couple years I'll make a bid for a bigger one to fit more music on, but maybe my robot butler will take care of that by then :-)

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