Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sooooo- I kind of skipped September...and October

So- Let me 'esplain.  No, is too much- Let me sum up.  I think about things too much and when I don't know what to do, I tend to take the "avoid" option if it is possible- thus my lack of blogging.  But here's how the last two months were- Yay! Kelsey and Nathan are here! (my sister and brother-in-law for those fictional readers outside my family)  Boo! They left to live in St. George.  Yay! I have a birthday!  Boo! I'm 25 and still single and unemployed.  Yay! I'm taking a trip to DC to have an interview with a job agency!  Eh?  I am with the agency but they don't typically have jobs that I would be a good fit for so I should keep looking anyway.  So not bad, but not exactly great either.  So one of my favorite blogger/authors, John Scalzi, is doing a Thanksgiving Advent calendar with one thing each day that he is grateful for.  I think that is a great idea and a way to get myself going on this blog thing.  So without further ado..... Day One!
My Family
(Top Row: Dad, Mom - Middle Row: Me, Kelsey, Taylor - Kelsey's Lap: Adam)
I have been extremely blessed to have a family that loves and supports each other.  Not that we never have problems or challenges, but we get through them.  We keep in touch, we talk too much, we catch each other when we fall.  We have wonderful surprises (Adam) and great additions (brother in law Nathan).  We have great genes- my great-grandmother is still alive and well, and have you seen my parents?  That photo was from last year!  I hope I have inherited the ability to look that much younger in my 40s. My mom taught me to read when I was 3? 4? I can't remember a time when I couldn't read, she taught me the power of a good book, of learning not only from my mistakes, but learning from other's mistakes so I didn't have to make them too.  My dad is my rock as well as the hand on my back, pushing me in the right direction. Kelsey is my sounding board, Taylor is my baby sister who I must protect from all evil, and Adam is my daily joy while I am here at home trying to figure out my life. I also have amazing grandparents- I didn't get to know my paternal grandmother because she died when my dad was 9, but I did know my Grandad and he loved my sisters and me so much and I know he would have loved to meet Adam too, but I guess we'll have to wait for that.  My maternal grandparents- my Nana and Popi-  have been a source of strength and love for my family my whole life.  Living so close to us we always had Sunday dinner at their house (still do),  and went there after school all the time.  Popi is my science fiction and fantasy buddy and I love sharing books and movies with him.  Nana's house has always been a refuge.  A place where I can go and think and figure things out.  For all of them and all they have done for me, I am thankful.

I think I got a little sappy, but I guess that's the point of this whole "being grateful" thing- realizing how much you appreciate what you have.  Until tomorrow- this is Elizabeth, signing off.

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  1. We are thankful for you, too. Was this your shameless effort to make your momma cry? Well, it worked! When jobs, mean people, and other things get you down, it's nice to have a soft place to fall. Who could've ever imagined a little brother would add to our joy at this time in our lives? Remember that when the going gets rough...there's a wonderful surprise waiting for you around the corner. I love you!