Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Single Post

I've been debating for a while how to start, and I've decided to go with a classic.  Who am I and why do I want to start a blog?  Answer:  I am Elizabeth Brady, I am 24 years old, and I am currently unemployed.

This blog is not a way to say "I'm so awesome please hire me now" (because it's kind of silly to think that employers are just cruising Blogger looking for new writers when the economy is such that writers are falling over themselves to get in line for the good jobs) it's just a way for me to brush up on my writing skills which I have used, shall we say, "sparingly" in the time between graduation and now.

I will try to keep these posts short and sweet because I know the attention span of the average internet reader, heck, the average person nowadays, is kinda small.  So in case someone does happen to stumble across my blog, other than my mom (Hi, Mom!),  it won't take long for them to make up their mind whether they want to stick around or not.

Finally, these short posts will be on whatever I want, following the example of one of my favorite blogger/authors, John Scalzi.  So if a journey starts with a single step, this archive will start with a single post.  As the Doctor says: "Allons-y!"

P.S.- Dear Future self looking back on your first blog post,
         I hope you have all the things I haven't quite found yet.  Just little things like "a job," "a car," "money,"  "a great guy"... if it's far enough in the future, "a great husband," "kids..."  I hope you appreciate them as much as I want them.  And when you read this, make sure you find a way to show it. (Especially the hubby- give him a big kiss for me and then punch his arm for not showing up yet.  I mean now.  I mean my now. You know what I mean...)

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  1. This is Mom. Hi, Elizabeth (future and now)! Read your patriarchal blessing for a map of the way things can be, then go for it :) Enjoy who you are now because you will look back someday and realize that there is much to appreciate in these days of being twenty-five (your birthday has come and gone by the time I got on the computer- baby brother, remember?).