Monday, August 8, 2011

Living in Limbo

When you're in elementary school, you think that high schoolers are the coolest of the cool, and so much older.  When you get to high school you realize that you were wrong (well, slightly mistaken, after all, you do know everything). No, college kids are so awesome and old and mature- surely they know what they are doing and what the future holds.  Then you graduate college and realize that you are only slightly less clueless about the "real world" than you were in elementary school.  And you deal.

So that's where I am right now.  Dealing.  Well, I've been dealing for three years, but it's very in-my-face right now.

And dealing isn't really the right word for everything I've been doing.  I worked at Disney World as a character attendant and had a wonderful time learning how to make magic.  I lived in Utah and got paid to be in a show for the first time.  And those things were So. Cool.

But now I'm back home and back to dealing.  Not that I didn't want this- I decided to come back to the east coast to be near my family.  The job I had in Utah wasn't my cup of tea and depressing as well.  Bah. Life has to be so complicated sometimes.  I want to be here but I want to move on.  I feel so between.

Between a child and an adult.  Between dependent and independent.  Between daughter and sister and friend.  Between past and future.  I want to arrive!

Well, it won't be forever.  I just need to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Unless I see something shiny...


  1. You aren't between. You have arrived. That's the big secret. We are always trying to get to the next thing when we're younger and then finally realize that, yes we've learned and grown, but there were some really cool things along the way that maybe we didn't fully appreciate because we were always looking a mile down the road. Enjoy the now. I'll keep saying it. There's only ONE now and it is fleeting. I'll never be twenty-five again with the possibilities and joys of being in that place. You were four and Kelsey was two and there was no Taylor! A different world...

  2. P.S. Not saying it was BETTER without Taylor, just different...and unique to explore and enjoy. (Shout out to Tay!)